Gauge 3 Modelling News


We have introduced just one new product recently; cast resin wagon brake blocks. These are the same price as whitemetal brake blocks and made from the same pattern, but for those using 2-rail pickup the resin blocks will eliminate any possibility of short circuits. The whitemetal blocks will continue to be available and have the advantage that they can be soldered in place, so this is just another option that needs to be specified when ordering wagon kits or parts.

Three new wagon axleboxes are in progress: LBSC oil, Attocks grease and GWR oil. Castings should be in stock by late October.

Development of our carriage kits continues to take up a great deal of time, but is very satisfying. The main underframe is laser cut steel for strength, the springs and axleboxes are all cast brass and fit together very easily, using small coil springs like our wagon kits. The main body shell is double-layer etched brass which makes the sides almost scale thickness and very strong, and the body bolts to the underframe. Details are mainly cast brass, but with some resin parts and two or three whitemetal parts.

This project has evolved further and faster than we ever intended, thanks to Peter Chatham (founder of PC Models) whose wealth of experience, design skills, production knowledge and enthusiasm have lead to one or two little design details that we think are rather clever.

The first production batch of laser cut parts and etched brass parts have been made. Most castings have been done, but there are still three patterns to be made before complete kits will be ready, so it may not be on sale before Christmas.

With well over 300 separate components, assembly will not be quick, but we are quite sure these will be the most accurate and most detailed kits ever made for Gauge 3. "What is all this going to cost?" I hear you ask. Because this is a hobby rather than a business we don't need to make a living at it, so we are hoping to keep the final price in line with other commercial Gauge 3 carriage kits.

All this means that the poor old cattle wagon kit has slipped further down the production list, but it is still there!

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