Gauge 3 Modelling News


This web site now includes the new components announced earlier this month, and a couple of minor revised prices. The printed catalogue will be updated towards the end of the year.

Talking of prices, Gauge 3 compares very favourably with other scales. Here are a few common components in 5in Gauge (mainly Doug Hewson), Gauge 1 (Slaters) and our own in Gauge 3. Yes, we realise the larger scale has far more engineering (such as working leaf springs), but its still a fair comparison for the cost of a single vehicle:

Gauge G1 G3 5in
4 wagon axlebox castings   £10 £28
4 W irons (laser cut)   £4 £15
4 sprung buffers £8.40 £11 £74
2 axles of wagon wheels £9 £9 £41
(all Slaters)
P.O. wagon complete kit £53 £100 £670
3-link coupling complete £8 £6 £23
(5in not including springs)
Bogie carriage complete kit £225 £ wait & see! £1,200
(G1 "Gauge1Trains", 5in Hewson, both basic kits)

Perhaps one should ask why Gauge 3 is so inexpensive? It will be interesting to see where Slaters pitch their prices when they enter the Gauge 3 market later this year!

Remember that with Gauge 3 the gauge/scale ratio is exactly correct and there are none of the arguments one has in the smaller sizes over gauge (44.5mm or 45mm; 32mm or 33mm, 16.5, 18.2 or 18.83mm) nor of scale (1/32 or 10mm; 1:43.5 or 1:45; 3.5mm or 4mm). Since Gauge 3 is so accurate we all model the same thing, it looks good, and it works!

If you are tempted by Gauge 3 we recommend our Private Owner wagon kit, not because it is the most expensive (slightly), but because it is the best kit, has universal appeal, was used in real life for 40 years, and hand lettered would be a real centrepiece in any railway room.

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