Gauge 3 Modelling News


We now have a few new components in stock:

LNWR 2-rib buffer guides. These suit all the 18ft wagons and a few others too. The same heads and springs can be used as for the shorter buffers. Cast whitemetal guides £5.00 per set of four, or £11.00 complete with heads and springs.

GNR wagon buffers. These are the short type with three bolts and four ribs. Cast in whitemetal, they come with a separate cast spacer to represent the wooden packing onto which some were fitted later in life, or when the vehicle was vacuum fitted. £5.00 per set of four guides, or £11.00 for a set complete with buffer heads and springs.

Dummy 3ft 6in leaf spring. We now have a later pattern with eight leaves (instead of 12) and with a much larger shoe at the ends with strap and bolt head. Designed for the LNWR 18ft wagons and also used to update earlier vehicles, they will also suit many other railways. Cast whitemetal, only £3.00 per set of four.

Finally, some of our suppliers have raised their prices recently, particularly for lost-wax brass castings where there seem to be few places able to produce the quality we want. We will be reviewing all prices later this month and many may have to rise, albeit slightly.





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