Modelling News


We have no new products to announce at the moment, but a couple of new photos on the web site. Take a look at the P.O. wagon kit and click to enlarge the image of the model. Then you will have a better idea of what our kits really look like. The model illustrated was painted and lettered by Tim Hughes.

The biggest Gauge 3 event of the year is coming up - the Gauge 3 Society’s AGM at Bedford on 12th February (its indoors!). I am sure non-members would be welcome to come and look, so follow the links to the Gauge 3 Society’s web page for more information.


A happy New Year to everyone.

A few weeks ago we were noting how few Gauge 3 locomotives had been offered for sale recently. No sooner had we said it than a few came on the market together. Most were unfinished LBSC designs rather than scale models, but they included a very nice Bassett Lowke Flying Scotsman which fetched £1300. So far as we know all Bassett Lowke models were spirit fired. This one was coal fired so presumably had been fitted with a replacement hand-made boiler at some time. This seems to increase the value of a model, indicating that many of these models are actually used and whilst that is nicer than seeing them stuffed and mounted it means that original examples are now very rare, which is a pity.

What seems like a nice and original Carson LNWR Experiment will be sold by Vectis soon. I am not convinced that the paint is original, but look at their web site and catalogue as it sounds like a superb engine.




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