Gauge 3 Modelling News


We have now sold out of the attractive LNWR D32 vans and will not re-stock for some time. We do still have all the other kits in stock though and are re-starting work on patterns for new wagons.

There seem to be very few nice 'scale' Gauge 3 models for sale at present. There is (or has been) a nice 2-8-0 on e-bay but most others have been 'engineering' rather than scale models.

It doesn't seem to be a secret that Slaters are to launch their first kit in Gauge 3, so watch out for their new engine by year end. Directing their marketing might towards smaller scale modellers might really increase the popularity of Gauge 3. Only time will tell. If you want to find out more follow the link to the Gauge 3 Society web site and ask to visit one of the superb garden railways this summer - I guarantee you will be hooked!





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