Gauge 3 Modelling News


The Gauge 3 Society’s AGM was a most enjoyable day again. There were some superb models to see and lots on interesting people to chat to. In the commercial world Brandbright had a new wagon axleguard to see. Not on their web site at the time of writing, it looks very nice. We don’t see Brandbright as competition – its just nice to see another manufacturer of quality models and parts in this scale. Alan Headech's enormous range of wheels were available to buy and the bring-and-buy seemed to be doing brisk business.

Elsewhere a few models have gone through e-bay over the last couple of weeks, some very nice. E-bay has also featured a large number of very old Gauge 2 wagons, apparently bought from an auction in East Anglia earlier in the month. Their prices were extremely low, reflecting the interest in a scale that has been dead for many years. By contrast, Gauge 3 models, when they come on the market, sell quickly.





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