Gauge 3 Modelling News


If you feel like making your own wagons, but need a little help, then we can supply a complete set of wagon running gear for £30.00. This includes accurate laser cut W irons and crossbar which slot and solder together, whitemetal dummy leaf springs (2 types available), real working hidden coil springs, etched brass keeper plates (2 types available) held on with 14BA screws and nuts, cast brass axleboxes of your choice (5 types available), and Slaters wheels (split or open spokes). This means whatever the wagon body you make looks like, all four wheels will be on the track and it will run! If soft-soldering mild steel worries you, then just ask and we will solder them together before we despatch them to you. Also, if the wagon you are making has 9ft wheelbase we can supply a jig which ensures the axles will be exactly in line and the wagon runs straight. If your wagon has V hangers, the jig will also ensure that they are exactly in the centre between the wheels. Please ask for details, but both of these aids are offered at no extra cost.

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