Gauge 3 Modelling News


This month we have added two new buffer guides to the range: North London Railway wagon and an LNWR carriage. The first is short and dumpy with a huge rectangular base and equally huge step with chequerplate. The latter is 15in long with a taper and three bolts, it will suit many other railways too. Compatible longer and larger (1ft 4in) steel buffer heads are being worked on and should be available later in the year. The heads will be interchangeable with our existing 12in heads, should anyone with tight curves wish to use them on wagons to avoid buffer-locking.

We also have a new wagon axlebox ready: LNWR oil type. This is rectangular with ears like the RCH pattern we already do, but is larger, the ears higher and it has "LNWR" on the front cover.

We are experimenting with vacuum pipes which will actually couple up, transfers for Private Owner wagons, and carriage body parts, but all of these will be some time yet as the GNR covered goods van kit is our next priority.

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