Gauge 3 Modelling News


A new product just released is a torpedo roof ventilator. These are the tall 1885 Truss patent design and we know they were used extensively by the GNR and LNWR, plus many other companies. Some of the GNR goods vans for which we make a kit also used these ventilators. They are cast whitemetal and £2.50 per six, plus 50p postage. The GNR van to go with them is £115, plus £5 postage!

A note about one-piece resin bodies. We have never known a wagon to warp or twist in service, but if the body has been left in the box propped up by one corner, then heavy castings have been put on top, and then maybe it has been left in the sun, then they can twist. We have only had the Private Owner wagons do this and our solution is to put 1/4in of cold water in the bottom, and top up with hot (NOT boiling) water from the kettle. Leave to stand until cold, pour out the water and the body will have straightened up. As we said, we have never known a resin body in any scale to twist once it is completed, or if stored flat and they are used by many modellers from 2mm scale to 5in Gauge.

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