Gauge 3 Modelling News


We have redesigned our wagon W iron units. The two W-shaped pieces and the crossbar previously locked together with slots and tabs, and then had to be soft-soldered. This worked very well, but some people were put off by the idea of soldering mild steel (which is actually very easy), so we now cut the pair of W irons in one piece and have them folded on a CNC pan folder, so all you have to do is pop them in place and fix them. We glue them in place, but holes are ready cut so they can be bolted through the floor, if you prefer. The price remains the same at £4.00 per wagon set. Within the next few months all our kits will be supplied with these units EXCEPT for the GNR van which uses a different process and thus still needs to be soldered up.

Another new product we have is locomotive axleboxes. Designed for 1/2in slots in the frames, and hornguides 4mm thick, they are drilled and reamed to a bare 1/4in, so depending on whose "1/4in" axles you use, you may have to reamer then just a touch to suit your axles. In the lower face is an 8BA hole for a screw and coil spring. Please call or write for exact dimensions. The price is £8.00 per pair.

The LNWR D32 van kit is available again. This is likely to be the last batch of these that we ever make. Since the resins have increased in price 22% since we had the last batch done, we will shortly have to review all our kit prices, so our advice is to buy now!

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