Gauge 3 Modelling News


We have almost completed patterns for the GNR van. All that remains are a couple of small metal patterns, finalise the drawings for etching, order the laser-cut pieces, order some test resin castings, test assemble one kit, write the instructions, order a batch of resins, prepare boxes etc etc... wow - there's a lot of work even after the main bodyshell has been finished! Nevertheless we hope it will be on sale at the Gauge 3 Society's AGM next February.

We've noticed a few very nice locomotives for sale on e-bay recently. This seems to be the main place to buy and sell Gauge 3 as few of the main live steam dealers have had much at all in our scale this year. Some of those sold were from Europe, bolstered by a well-established Gauge 3 collector thinning his collection. It still seems odd that for sale adverts for engines outnumber rolling stock by about ten to one, and this makes us think that most are never steamed but kept in a glass case, or maybe beneath the workshop bench?

Of course, the even more important place to buy and sell Gauge 3 is at the Gauge 3 Society's AGM which will be in Leighton Buzzard (Beds) next February. You have to be a G3S member to vote, but everyone is welcome to come to the exhibition and chat - and its free!

There is a growing interest in building carriages and several people are looking into which way of making them suits them best. Thanks to GRS Slaters now make suitable 3ft 7in Mansell wheels, though they are of course also available from Alan Headech as raw castings in iron. We were recently shown an unpainted GWR 'B' set carriage from GRS and it is impressive. Made in China, it will be difficult for others (including us!) to achieve that standard for just £425 per coach, ready to run.

Finally, apologies to those who have been waiting for brass castings. A batch has finally arrived, so we should be up to date very soon.

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