Gauge 3 Modelling News


At last our kit for a GNR van is ready and available now. There has been a great learning curve with this, trying to understand Doncaster peculiarities, but we hope and believe we now have it right, including their curious brakegear which had a single block at the left hand end of each side, but a lever at the right one side and the left the other side. One little detail is the tarpaulin rings which Doncaster seem to have plastered all over their wagons and vans. On open wagons they obviously held the sheets tight over the load, but what purpose did they serve on a covered van? We have modelled them, but would love to know what they are for.

We have seen several unfinished old Basset-Lowke LNER A3 models on e-bay recently, but it has been a long time since a nice finished Gauge 3 model was sold on there. By coincidence last Saturday we saw a very nice B-L A3 and five teak carriages romping around a Gauge 3 garden track in Bedfordshire.

By contrast, at the Gauge 3 Society's AGM in February was a large selection of members' models for sale; ranging from very nice to "oh dear"! It seems to us that anyone interested in finding out about Gauge 3 would be mad NOT to join the Gauge 3 Society.

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