Modelling News


We didn’t manage to get the P.O. kit on the market in September… or October… but the last component we need is the body resin and these are being cast right now, so  they will be ready very soon.

There don’t seem to have been any interesting commercial Gauge 3 models for sale recently.  There have been a few freelance 2.5in gauge engines, but nothing scale.  Wonder where they have all gone?


One of the items recently added to our range is a set of brake gear for RCH standard wagons with 9ft wheelbase. A great deal of thought and work has gone into this brakegear, so we hope you will like it.

All parts are separate, as per prototype, and the brakes will work. It is all held together with 1mm diameter brass rivets which are a tight fit in each of the components so the brakes do not flop about too much. The price is £13 per set (plus 50p post), a 'set' including blocks and hangers, pushrods, tumbler shaft, V hangers, brake lever and pin rack: Everything you need for one side of the wagon.


Several new components have been added to the inventory this week, ahead of the launch of our first P.O. wagon. These include parts for conventional double brakes which will be suitable for very many wagons from different companies.

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