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Vectis auctions have not had any Gauge 3 models for some time, but have two in their sale on 14th August: a nice-looking coal fired LMS Jubilee and some form of 2-6-0 which is incomplete, but may be cheap.

The only Gauge 3 railway on public display that we know of is the one at Gypsy Wood Park but we've not seen it and would be interested to hear from anyone who has.


Gauge 3 modellers may like to follow our links to the National 2½in Gauge Association’s web site where they describe their latest project – a scale model Atlantic based on LBSC’s Ayesha design of the 1930s. If this makes scale live steam models more easily available to us mere mortals, then we hope it is successful both from an engineering point of view and commercially.

Small castings for our P.O. wagon are now expected in mid August and these will enable us to complete the body pattern. Lead times for resin casting mean the kit will now probably be on the market mid to late September. Sorry for the delay.


The Southern 8-wheeled tender on e-bay which we mentioned last week sold for just £75 — surely a bargain?

We are always surprised at what sells and what does not. Our timber wagon kit makes into a lovely little model, very pretty and capable of carrying attractive loads, so I thought sales would be brisk, but they have been almost non-existent. Perhaps the dumb buffers put people off, but they were very common wagons with almost 1,500 examples still in service into LMS days. The LNWR drawing for conversion of dumb buffers to sprung was only dated 1913 and with in interruptions during the war it must have taken many years to rebuild them all, so it is curious that we've not sold more kits, especially at the bargain price of £160 for two.


There is a nice photo feature in the latest (August) issue of British Railway Modelling about a Gauge 3 meeting held near Bedford a month or so ago. Well worth a look.

The caster we used for lost-wax components has ceased trading and we have now found a new caster in Devon. Their service is good and their quality probably better than before, but their prices are considerable higher. Because of this most of our cast brass parts will be almost doubled in price shortly - sorry.


We have received requests to make all the running gear and metal components from our forthcoming Private Owner wagon kit available separately to help scratch-builders who wish to make different bodies. We are thus pleased to offer:

Steel W iron units with crossbars, brass keeper plates, pins to hold keepers to W irons, whitemetal dummy leaf springs, working coil springs, brass axleboxes - Ellis grease or P.O.116 oil (Attocks grease coming soon), wheels (split spoke), 3-link couplings with springs and split pins, whitemetal buffer guides (9in or 11.5in), steel buffer heads with springs and nuts, whitemetal horse hooks, etched crown plates and drawplates. The complete set for just £45. Brakes are NOT included above, but will be available soon.


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