Modelling News


It seems like the holiday season is over and several Gauge 3 engines have come on the market including a coal-fired GWR Grange at auction by Andrew Hartley Fine Art Sales in Ilkley, with a Bassett Lowke LNER A3 and scratch built LNER V2 on e-bay this week. Still no rolling stock for sale though, so where has it all gone? Maybe people either made locomotives as a model engineering exercise, or bought engines as decoration rather than for use, but the A3 is by Bassett Lowke and they made Gauge 3 rolling stock at the same time; it just rarely comes on the market today.

We hear that DJB are pressing ahead with plans for a live steam model LNWR 2-4-2 tank. It should be on the market in about twelve months at an estimated £2,000. Sounds superb.



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