Wagon Kits

Whilst all of our wagon kits have some common design features, they fall into three fundamental types:

The majority have professionally made one-piece resin mouldings for the body, solebars and headstocks, laser cut steel W irons with slot and tab location, cast brass coupling hooks, axleboxes and buffer stocks with turned steel buffer heads, whitemetal leaf springs (working coil springs), laser cut steel brake levers, whitemetal brakegear, etched brass number plates etc. and steel-tyred wheels. They are thus comprehensive and detailed kits which are very easy to assemble and require only painting and lettering to complete.


Flexi KitOur Flexi-kits are produced at home and have separate resin castings for sides and ends, on a strong resin skeletal frame.  They thus take more time and care to assemble, and have no internal detail but are extremely good value. Running gear is the same as our standard kits, but brakegear is simplified. Due to the wide range of options on these kits we hold only small stocks and make to order.


Wooden KitFinally, we will shortly have a small range of laser cut wooden wagons. Again our standard running gear is used, but the bodies and underframes are all made from shellaced MDF, card or acrylic sheets. The photo shows a 7mm version of our first kit made in this way.

Each kit includes a one-piece cast resin body which enables full detail to be included, yet assembly is very straightforward using only hand tools. A soldering iron is recommended, but not essential.


Each kit has been fully researched and made using official works drawings and several photographs. A comprehensive set of instructions is included. Underframe detail includes brake gear (working in some cases) and bolt detail etc.


LNWR wagon kit parts


The Wagon Kits that we currently have available are listed on the left.

This is a list of the components supplied with a typical kit - in this case the P.O. Coal Wagon:

Qty Material Item
1 Cast resin Body
4 Laser cut steel W irons
2 Laser cut steel W iron cross members
2 Laser cut steel V hangers for brakes
4 Laser cut steel Brake pushrods
1 Laser cut steel Brake lever
4 Etched brass Keeper plates
1 Laser cut steel Brake lever
4 Etched brass Keeper plates
1 Etched brass 2 x label holders
4 Cast brass Axleboxes
2 Cast brass Coupling hooks
1 Cast brass Brake pin rack
1 Cast w/m Brake shaft with tumbler
1 Metal Washer - spacer for brake shaft
4 Cast w/m Dummy springs
2 Cast w/m Horse hooks
4 Cast w/m Buffer guides
2 Cast w/m Brake blocks
2 Cast w/m Brake block hangers
4 Cast w/m Bottom door catches
4 Steel Buffer heads
4 Steel Small short springs for axleboxes
2 Steel Large springs for couplings
2 Steel Coupling chain
4 Steel Small long springs for buffers
1 piece Nickel Silver Strip for brake safety hangers
4 Steel 8BA nuts for buffers
1 Brass 10BA nut for brake lever
8 Brass 14BA nuts and screws for keeper plates
2 Brass Split pins for couplings
6 Brass Rivets for brake gear
2 Steel Pins for V hangers
2 axles   Split spoke wheels
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