Wagon Kit RCH 1907 7-plank End Door


We have chosen the 1907 standard wagons because they had a long life, Bill Hudson remarking in one of his books that some of the larger users only got around to fitting brakes on the second side of their 1907 standard wagons in the 1930s. The 16ft, 7-plank coal wagon with side, bottom and ends doors was probably the most numerous, so that is our first Private Owner wagon kit.

Thrutchley Private Owner standard 5-door coal wagon

The RCH standard specifications laid down some basic standards, but they allowed for considerable variety of detail and some builders preferred different types of catches, handles and so on. The variety applied to major things, like the length, to minor things, like whether the bolts were on the inside and nuts outside or vice versa. All this makes for a wonderful variety of wagons, but it also means that these are generic kits, correct for one particular wagon, but easily adapted for others and some alternative parts are offered.

Tredegar Private Owner standard 5-door coal wagon

The body is once again a one-piece resin moulding with laser-cut steel W irons, cast brass axleboxes and Slaters split spoke wheels. So far two of the most common axleboxes are available. Buffers have cast whitemetal guides and turned steel heads with coil springs. These are available as 9in or 11½in long plain guides. Foot-stepped guides, as favoured for tipping in South Wales and the Bristol Channel area will be made at a later date if there is sufficient interest. The brakes have laser cut steel V hangers and pushrods, with cast brass cranks and whitemetal blocks with hangers, all held together with small brass rivets so that they will work, if required. The brake lever is laser cut steel.

Completed Private Owner kit

The model painted and lettered by Tim Hughes.
(click on image for larger version)

Most patterns for these wagons have been made in-house, but where quality patterns already existed we have used these and must therefore thank Tim Hughes, Adrian Swain and Doug Hewson for their help.

Transfers are already being prepared for builders plates, owners plates and registration plates. POW Sides have been approached and it looks like a small selection of their several hundred types might become available in Gauge 3 to order.


This kit is £140. Transfers are not included. Please state when ordering your preference for Ellis pattern or Type 115 axleboxes (rectangular with ears) and for split or solid spoked wheels. Includes brakes on one side only. A second set of brakes is an additional £14.

Please select from the following list. To order a second set of brakes as well please click on "Continue ordering" in the shopping cart.


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