Wagon Kit LNWR D1 low sided open wagon


LNWR Wagon D1


This is a simple low-sided open wagon, which the LNWR designated Diagram 1. This design first appeared in 1859 and by 1889 over 20,000 examples had been built, making them probably the most numerous British railway goods wagon built up to that date. In that year the standard length of LNWR wagons was increased from 15ft 6in to 16ft and Diagram 1 continued to be built to that new length until 1904. They were superseded by a new 18ft design in 1909, after which their numbers started to decline. The last examples were scrapped in the 1920s.

The earliest examples of what became known as D1 had tie-rods between their axleguards, 6 ton axleboxes and dumb buffers. These were later rebuilt with self-contained buffers. The kit is not really intended to portray these early examples, but is correct for a wagon built after about 1870 when they were rated at 7 tons. A single wooden brake block acting on one wheel was used until 1883, after which a cast iron block with direct action (no separate pushrod) was used, but it took decades for the LNWR to update their enormous wagon fleet with modern brakes, and simple open wagons were near the bottom of the queue. From 1896, a start was made to replace the brakes on earlier wagons with the pushrod type. These wagons all appear to have retained their 3-bolt 10in buffer stocks throughout their lives.


LNWR Wagon Kit D1

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