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We have recently introduced two items in this section:

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LS01 - LNWR boundary post.

This represents the cast iron "tombstone" type and is etched brass, but very easy to assemble, or can be supplied assembled.


Price £4.00 each

Boundary Post


LS02 - Point lever.

A scale model of the throw-over type and comes as four brass castings to be assembled, when it becomes a robust working lever ideal for working your Gauge 3 points indoors and outdoors.


Price £7.50 each - now back in stock.

Point lever


LS03 - Beware of the Trains.


LNWR 'Beware of the Trains' sign. Etched brass.


Price £5.00 each

Beware of Trains


LS04 - LSWR boundary post.


Etched brass.


Price £3.00 each

LSWR Boundary Post


LS05 - Bufferstops.


Available in two forms: pair of cast rails £45

or complete with wooden beam, cross-bar,

chairs and sleepers for £50.


Available assembled to order.

Buffer stops


LS09 - Wooden Bufferstops.


An accurate model of real items built from the 1880s and in use at remote locations until at least the 1980s. Supplied ready assembled and on a base to match the height of G3S or Cliff Barker track.


Ready assembled.


Price £15 each.

Buffer stops


LS06 - Stone setts.


Cast resin scale 6ft x 4ft.


Price £2.50 per three.

Stone setts

Two LS06 setts joined.

LS07 - Stone setts.


Cast resin scale 18ft x 4ft.


Price £2 each

The resin stone setts have an advantage over other materials in that they can be gently heated and curved to match the radius of your track.


LS10A - Milk Churns.


These are the old conical type. Cast resin with wire handles.


Ready assembled.


Price £6 per pair

Milk Churns


LS11 - Wooden barrels.


Cast resin, painted to represent wooden barrels.


Price £6 per pair



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