Gauge 3 Transfers

These components are from our range of kits and will help the scratch-builder.
All of our transfers are Waterslide and are made especially for us.
The LNWR transfers are from our range of kits.
The GNR transfers include alternative livery styles for different GNR periods and each sheet will be sufficient for at least 2 x van, 2 x 5-plank open, 2 x 4-plank open and 1 x 3-plank open.
The P.O. transfers have been designed to exactly fit our kits and the main lettering is in one piece, but no doubt they would fit kits from other manufacturers also.

To order please input the number of each item required and click on "Order now" at the foot of the page.
Component Price
LNWR D12 wagon - set for one wagon £3.00 per set
LNWR D22 cattle - set for one wagon £3.00 per set
GNR wagons and vans £10.00 per set
GER D15 van and variants £5.00 per set
GWR V6 iron Mink (rub-down) £15.00 per set
J.C.Abbott (black wagon) £5.00 per set.
Llanbradach (black wagon) Sorry, sold out £5.00 per set.
Redgrave (grey wagon with black ironwork) £5.00 per set.
Staveley (grey wagon) £5.00 per set.
Tredegar (red or grey wagon with black ironwork) £5.00 per set.
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