Gauge 3 Modelling News


The lack of news recently doesn't signify lack of new items. On the contrary, we have been too busy to write!

After the GWR iron Mink we launched the LSWR D1409 van, both of which owe a great deal to John Candy. His LSWR D1410 is all ready to go, but we hope to receive some income from sales of the other recent wagons before launching that. We will also be releasing our first goods brake van fairly soon, in collaboration with another Gauge 3 Society member.

We now have three carriages available, together forming a complete and authentic train. These are all LNWR 30ft 1in 6-wheelers, a Third, Luggage Composite and Brake Third.

Many new locomotive parts have been introduced, mainly from our forthcoming live steam LNWR 18in Goods "Venture". A great deal of design has gone into this engine, drawings and patterns have been made, and completed components are just coming through now. The electric Manning Wardle is at the test etch stage, so with luck we should soon have that ready too.

We are keen to develop a range of lineside items. Already we have a boundary post, Beware of the Trains sign and a working point lever, but we hope to be able to offer a working water column soon, and we are experimenting with rail bending jigs for buffer stops which may, or may not, come to fruition. A wagon turntable is on our long term wish list.

Finally, a review of our component costs has shown that the price of some kits didn't cover the cost to us of all the components, so there has been a few small price increases across the range About 10% of items have gone up a little.

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