Future Plans

We have launched several new wagon kits over the last two years, and several more are under development. Most of these are covered vans, but having tooled up for standard fittings from several railway companies, we would like to introduce open wagons to utilise the same standard parts.

We also have plans for two brake vans. These are complex and include several additional and non-standard parts compared with ordinary vans and wagons. For that reason they take longer to develop and will cost more.

We are also fully supporting the Gauge 3 Venture locomotive and will be marketing several of the fittings and standard parts required for it. This is an LNWR 18in Goods (Cauliflower) 0-6-0 tender engine with twin inside cylinders and Joy valvegear, all of which is being developed specially for this engine. Fittings will be supplied fully machined and ready to use wherever possible.



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