Carriage Kits

Our carriage kits use laser cut steel underframes located with slots and tabs, intended to be soldered into a strong unit. The bodies are etched brass and designed by Peter Chatham (P.C.Models), with double thickness to show the correct relief at the window openings, and also to allow details like door hinges, lamp brackets and end steps to be bent out from the inner layer and protrude through slots in the outer. This makes them easy to locate, and strong. All running gear is steel or cast brass, the roofs are resin, and the kits include full brake gear, vacuum and steam heat pipes. They are fully sprung.


Kits come complete with Mansell wheels and our own screw couplings. The design allows for acrylic or glass glazing, but this is not supplied. Cast resin seats/partitions will be available separately if required.


LNWR D297 Carriage


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