LNWR 30ft 1in carriages

LNWR D297 Carriage
LNWR D297 Carriage


Our first carriage kit is for an LNWR D297 30ft 1in 6-wheeled full Third, of which 827 were built between 1887 and 1894, making them the most numerous British carriages ever built to a single drawing.

D197 was the second most numerous 30ft 1in design, 127 being built between 1888 and 1894. They were popular as through carriages due to their accommodation of all classes and luggage.

57 D359 Brake Thirds were built between 1889 and 1892

The kits come complete with Mansell wheels and our own screw couplings. The design allows for acrylic or glass glazing, but this is not supplied. Cast resin seats/partitions will be available separately if required.


Price £385 each Order here

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